nanoTherics, UK

NanoTherics, UK

NanoTherics is founded in August 2007 to exploit patented technology after more than 30 years cutting edge research (Keele & Florida Universities)

Nanotherics provide products addressing the field of magnetic nanoparticle research and applications. In particular we aim to be the number one supplier of products for nanoparticle heating applications utilizing AC field and solenoid coil principles.

We supply the magneTherm system which has been designed specifically for this purpose, operating at a wide range of frequencies (from 100 kHz to 1MHz) with field strengths up to 20 kA/m (25 mT) all in one system with no hidden extras needed.


The MagneTherm? system is a totally unique, very competitively priced system which enables magnetic fluid and nanoparticle hyperthermia testing. It operates at a wide range of user-configurable frequencies in one system with no hidden extras needed.

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MagneTherm Digital

The latest addition to the magneTherm family of products. Fully automated and integrated system with complete software control of all parameters ? field strength, frequency, pulse width, thermal sensing, graphing, data collection and calculation.

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magneTherm In Vivo ? Water Jacket Option

The In Vivo Water Jacket Option includes all the necessary components to use with magneTherm systems, and includes a temperature controllable water jacket, larger diameter Coils, Sample holders, adapter rings and insulating sample locators.

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Drug Release / Delivery Option

This option enables the study of mediated nanoparticles in an alternating magnetic field utilizing the magneTherm System. Accessories are also available for volume displacement from 70mL to 5mL when testing smaller samples with this option.

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Live Cell Exposure Option

Various biomedical applications for AMF mediated nanoparticle heating have emerged over the past decades, such as Magnetic fluid hyperthermia, controlled drug delivery and nanoactuation. Taking this fact into consideration and trying to bridge the gap between pure biologists, physicists, chemists and material scientists...

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