Labincushaker - Incubator Shaker

Labincushaker - Incubator Shaker

Incubator Shaker
Our bacterial shaker incubator is perfect for labs that only deal with exceptionally high volumes of samples.
Incubator shaker does both incubations and shaking simultaneously, where you can easily control the temperature.

Refrigerated/Non Refrigerated

Features :
  • Microprocessor controller with audible and visual alarms maintains precise temperature and speed control.
  • Long-Life brushless AC motor creates a smooth, quiet and uniformed shaking motion.
  • Large LCD display presents all actual and preset parameters.
  • Users friendly control panel allows easy digital setting of time, temperature and speed.
  • Single front-open door with double-folded glass window.
  • Mirror-finished high quality stainless steel for excellent durability of interiors.
  • 170L volume, two 496x350mm shaking trays included as standard.
  • Temperature range - 4 To 60 °C For Refrigerated Model / Ambient +5 - 60°C.For Non Refrigerated Model
  • Two trays above each other, double the capacity for small flasks.
  • Orbital movement with speed adjustable from 30-300rpm and 26mm shaking diameter.

Incubator shaker

Shaking incubators are also prominently known as environmental shakers. If you are looking for an Refrigerated / incubator shaker, you are on the right page, as you can get your hands on the best lab equipment withus. You can use an orbital shaker incubator for different purposes (applications). It includes solubility studies culturingof cells, and other things. Such equipment from us provides a consistent temperature Control and orbital agitation. When you choose our incubator shaker, you can easily set different speeds to promote cell growth. These types of equipment also have adjustable stroke lengths. It is essential for various applications and cells. You need to understand the value of shaking incubators. If you are running a lab, it is impossible for you not to have co2 incubator shaker because it plays a crucial role in cell culture and cell tissue samples.

An Incubator shaker is extremely helpful and can save you money by eliminating the purchase of a separate incubator and shaker together as they integrate incubation and shaking procedures together. It also removes the need to manage the incubator and shaker independently, which will save time in processing. Several different models are available, having unique characteristics suitable for other laboratories and applications. Our Sales team can be of help to you to choose the right model for your application. Having this basic understanding of what the incubator shaker is, how it works and why you should choose us will help you gain more information inside the lab. If you are looking for the best incubator shaker price, then we have your back. When you choose us, you can get the best incubator shaker at the best price.

The working of our incubator shaker

Our incubator shaker does both incubations and shaking simultaneously, where you can easily control the temperature. The device for both shaking and temperature-driven application is perfect for fermentation cell culture hybridization biochemistry enzyme in cell tissue research and other applications where temperature and shaking are required. Microbial cells and strains of different organisms can be generated by using one. You can also use our incubator shaker to stimulate cell development by spreading the nutrients and infusing oxygen into the cell culture, which helps in rapid cell growth.
co2 resistant shaker can be used for different purposes like solubility research and cell culture. Our incubator shaker combines the capabilities of the typical incubator with those of the laboratory shaker to provide high efficiency in a wide range of applications.

Properties of our microplate shaker incubator

We have diverse types of incubator shakers that are used for incubation and shaking of the samples. Typical applications use them for cell culture fermentation biochemistry and tissue research. Different temperature characteristics are found in different incubator shakers. Some would be used for cooling and heating while others can only increase the temperature about the given temperature. Some have extreme temperature ranges that can even reach to along 80 degrees Celsius on more, while others can achieve 40 degrees or even less. We also have a refrigerated incubator shaker that has refrigeration capabilities and operates at a temperature of 4 degrees Celsius or even below. Our incubator shaker comes in different shapes and sizes, like bench top, medium-sized, and floor sizes.

Bench top shaking incubators

our bacterial shaker incubator is perfect for labs that only deal with exceptionally high volumes of samples. This shaking incubator can provide efficient operation and has a compact design, which is an excellent choice. The incubator takes up a small amount of space while offering impressive performance.
Stackable shaking incubators

The rotary shaker incubator is perfect for labs that need to run different small batches of samples consistently. Just like benchtop incubators, stackable incubators have a small footprint that would not take a prohibitive amount of space, even in a small lab. Additionally, the design allows for several incubators to be stacked or even more in incubation capacity in a small area.

Floor incubators

We also have a plate shaker incubator that offers excellent incubation capacity and is perfect for labs that deal with a vast number of samples that should be processed with a shaking incubator. The floor incubators usually have an observation window which can be used by the researchers and laboratory technicians to keep a watch on the incubation of the sample during the process.

Why should you consider using our Incubator shakers?

Accessory compatibility

The best part about choosing our stackable incubator shaker is that you do not have to worry about accessory compatibility. The incubator is compatible with different accessories and promotes increased versatility which makes it suitable for other specialized applications.

Temperature control

Our shaking incubator rpm Features temperature control. The temperature-controlled shaker incubator Its extremely easy to use, so when you choose us, you can expect optimum versatility.

Invest in an incubator shaker today and make the most of your laboratory

Our incubator shaker is a versatile piece of equipment that is more convenient instead of placing a separate shaker inside a typical incubator. It combines the incubator and shaker in one's instrument, eliminating the need for different devices and saving laboratory space for you. Our shaker with temperature control Applications improves the controller over operations and provides consistent temperature control. It also has addressed table stroke length and unique speed control that affects the growth of cell culture and allows for even distribution of nutrients throughout the sample. The speed control ensures the shaker operates smoothly without spilling liquids. Equipped with an inbuilt cover switch, the shaking incubator will not overheat. The cover opens at a wide angle which is entirely convenient for observing and choosing the samples.

The best part about using our incubator is that it has a compact design, a user-friendly operation panel, and a touch screen which is perfect for all laboratory settings. The microprocessor controls the temperature and speed with an inbuilt timing function and an independent alarm system.