Sakura Finetek, Europe

Sakura Finetek, Europe

Sakura Finetek’s history extends beyond the modern pharmaceutical era. For over 100 years, Sakura Finetek products have been used in histopathology laboratories around the world. Sakura’s technology is primed to enable advanced cancer diagnostics by providing integrated solutions to anatomical pathology. The SMART automation technology seeks to bridge the gap between supply and demand by increasing overall productivity, reducing turnaround times and eliminating backlogs.

We, Labindia are authorized distributors for the entire range of Sakura Finetek’s histopathology products in South and
West India.

Conventional Histopathology Solutions

Being the original manufacturer of Tissue-Tek ® technology, Sakura has been providing gold standard tissue processing solutions for over 50 years now.

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SMART Automation

Sakura offers the SMART automation product line aimed at maximizing productivity of your histopathology lab. SMART automation is the logical next step to enhance laboratory performance. These systems help you optimize your laboratory's productivity resulting in consistent, high-quality operations, while reporting better turnaround times.

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